Friday, May 30, 2008

trash and buggers

Dear daughter had two breakthroughs. I don't know how to brag about these. Last night she was feeding herself avocado, but she was as tired as she was hungry and was rubbing her nose and eyes. Well, avocado is slippery and her index finger slipped into her nose. Then it went there on purpose, and then again. After her bath, she did it yet again, pulled out a bugger and ate it. We've decided that we'll just not make a big deal of that one.

This morning she had another new word: trash. Every Thursday morning she's excited to watch the garbage truck on its rounds. Today she jumped into my arms, kicked her legs, and quite clearly exclaimed, "trash!"

Her vocabulary is taking off with words like ball, bath, yes, hot!, no, and up. Sometimes clear, sometimes only recognizable by intonation and pointing. Noonyi is one I haven't figured out. People are starting to say, "did she just say that?" Well, yes, yes, I think she did. Listen closely, her brain only allows one time at this point.

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