Sunday, May 18, 2008

mama doesn't, but daddy does

Mama doesn't have it together, but Daddy sure does. For 11 months now I've been struggling to stay afloat. My main objectives for myself are to feed, sleep, and keep insanity away. For the baby the objectives are similar, but I am concerned about the baby's overall development rather than it's sanity.

Today, when I felt close to giving it all up, I asked my husband if I could take a short nap. I am not a daytime napper. Usually it's tough to fall asleep during the day. I could feel it coming strong today, though. I just woke up from that nap. I heard no baby screaming. Instead I heard laughter.

Husband was genius in that clever use an object and apply known principles. Dear husband used the wheels of the high chair to move it close to the stove. He also used big sister and her compulsion to help with anything baby. A proud big sister came to me grinning just now willing to keep the secret that Mama was awake in exchange for telling her tale.

Big sister had fed the baby a jar of baby food without spilling anything. She then continued to supply the baby with Os to keep the baby happy. At the present time big sister is supervising baby with apple slices in a mesh bag. An advantage that big sister has is that she can delight and amaze baby sister skillfully and willingly as long as needed. I am amazed with
dear husband's ability to combine these principles of children's behavior. He put a kitchen chair down for big sister to sit next to baby.

Principles used:
Big Sister has boundless energy
Baby Sister has insatiable appetite
Big Sister is fascinated with Baby Sister
Baby Sister is fascinated with Big Sister
Baby Sister needs to be near people
High chair has wheels
High chair does not have to be in the far corner of the kitchen

And he's improvising with a recipe!!! He added apples to Afgani rice
It smells so good right now!

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