Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mama's together for a day

taking up to three steps at a time
saying uh-oh is fun for everyone
pressing buttons with index finger
knows the words bus and diaper
hears a firetruck and wails
thought she said cell phone and want some

mama's new secret weapon: the vacuum
at the right time and place, the vacuum puts her out

while i can't create much art right now, i'm turning to the subtle nuances of baby behavior. i know getting a baby to sleep is tricky, for just the fact that the 13 moms in my playgroup have a hard time. i'm satisfied to be reading her cues for sleep well. it's a large reward for spending all but 2 hours of my awake hours with dear daughter and none spent painting or drawing--some moments spent writing.

yesterday was one of the more perfect days. she napped on my back (in a baby carrier) for an hour while i vacuumed and paced the house wondering what to do with my freedom. she napped in the stroller later. This let me clear the flowerbox out front. we've had plants i let die and weeds i let die there sitting for two years.

on top of that, she slept for 8 hours, then two hours in a row. my mind was clear and i could make up good baby songs. i had dinner ready for dear husband. when he came in the door, the baby yelled "hi!'', we sat down to dinner and i felt like a champ.

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