Tuesday, May 13, 2008

media influenced

Husband just bought a new digital, flat screen television. It's day two and the t.v. still sits in it's box. We aren't in need of television broadcasts and it's kind of nice.

I'm a recovered t.v. addict. It's been months since I've had even a passing thought of Judge Judy. It helps that we don't have cable. We can get Telemundo, Univision, an independent Clear Channel station, and PBS. We don't keep up with American Idol, Survivor, or Lost. If coworker talk turns to television we'll only be able to discuss The Wire.

There have been all those stories in the news about how television interferes with children's brain development. I believe the studies that say t.v. affects babies visual development and attention spans. I am sold on the notion that my child shouldn't watch television until after age two. She's seen images from some French surrealist films. I also showed her a couple of Sesame Street clips.

Big sister watches movies at her mother's house and all she comes away with are odd catch phrases from Disney movies that she doesn't understand.

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