Wednesday, August 13, 2008

babies love brondo

Mama's exausted after a bout with a not so casually sick baby. See the movie Idiocracy? It's Mike Judge's movie about the United States in the year 3001, or at least sometime in the future. It's not so much a comedy in my view because it's nonfiction on the future. I know it's what the future's going to be like. Wrestlers for president with people painted up like they're at a football game for the state of the union address.

The reason I bring it up. Brondo. Plants love Brondo 'cause Brondo's got what plants crave. I gave my baby Brondo. She was in danger of dehydration so we gave her a grape flavored MUCH TOO SWEET for grown ups electrolyte enhanced drink.

She craved it. She didn't give it to the plants which is what they do in Idiocracy. Maybe there's hope for the planet. That's the legacy I'm going to share with my daughter, Mike Judge. I'm going to be sure she knows that electrolyte enhanced beverages are for people, not plants.

There you go.