Sunday, May 04, 2008

not the star family

Mine is not the star family. We certainly won't win the prize of the year for families. We don't have enough boats or cars or marketers interested in us. We don't even care for families who win prizes.

My little family visited the museum of modern art today. Big sister, age 7, was most interested in the building's architecture which made me realize that a lot of work had indeed been put into the space. Little sister, age 10 months, was mostly interested in lighting changes. Little sister had been twice before. This was the first visit for big sister.

Big sister's favorite piece was a rusty outdoor sculpture of slabs by Barnett Newman and little sister's was a black and white film of people clapping wooden blocks. It goes to show that people gravitate to what they know.

Big sister had just been learning about sculpture gardens and docents at the museum helped kids create their own mini gardens. She liked the outdoor sculpture. Little sister's favorite toy for the past 4 or 5 months has been wooden blocks. She's been working on knocking them together and is pleased to make noise. I'm pleased to see both girls work their own threads.

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